Worship Team Tuneup Tip #1

It’s amazing sometimes how we think that we’re doing one thing when we’re really doing another (although I haven’t found myself mowing the lawn very often when I think that I’m watching TV)! Speaking of TV, I stumbled upon a great tool for helping worship team singers to “communicate” visually with the congregation. At a meeting with the whole team, we put on some videos of the team in action – with the sound off!

The goal was not to make the team members into “performers,” but to help them to see whether or not they we actually conveying the message of each song through their faces and gestures (just like you would naturally do in a conversation with someone). We set some ground rules: no one could comment until the end of each song, and no one could make a specific comment about anyone but themselves. It was incredible the difference it made! The worship team vocalists (and instrumentalists, for that matter) realized how obsessed they had become with merely getting the notes right, as opposed to expressing the heart of the song. They became much more focused on the message side of things – not just the musical side – and the services were better because of it.

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