How do you have a service when you’re not having a service? We sent thousands of our folks into the community to serve this weekend, but wanted to gather together to get things rolling (and to celebrate at the end).

For the first part, we decided to keep it simple. For the 4 serving blocks (8-12 & 12-4 on both Sat. & Sun.), we registered everyone in our lobby, and then gathered the groups together in our atrium. A couple of minutes of instruction from our Outreach Pastor, a five-minute vision-cast by our Lead Pastor, a worship song, and we’re off!

The celebration part wasn’t quite so easy… People that have been working hard for three hours get hungry, so we set up a BIG tent in the parking lot, and served burgers & hot dogs (& chips & slaw & potato salad & cookies & lemonade) when everyone got back). This was a great time for everyone to be able to share their stories.
We really felt that there should be another chance to really celebrate things, so this upcoming Wed. evening we’ll be holding a Good Neighbor celebration service. Lot’s of video and stills and stories – we had roaming video teams hopping from worksite to worksite, as well as some time of prayer for some of the organizations that we’ll be continuing to partner with as we move into our fall campaign. Powerful stuff!

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