Idea Of The Week – Backfile #9 (Pt. 1)

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Shadow boxes are a very versatile staging idea – fairly easy to create, and easily adaptable for a variety of situations and applications. They’re especially useful for longer sermon series – simply change up the look of the boxes, and how they’re positioned, and you have a completely new set!

This particular service was part of Northview’s take on the FREE spiritual growth campaign originated at Crossroads Church in Cincinnati. The message was broken up into four sections – each section had a corresponding box that lit up when the topic came up.

2 Replies to “Idea Of The Week – Backfile #9 (Pt. 1)”

  1. Hey I am a Creative Pastor in the Boise area and I am just wondering what are the shadow boxes made of and how do you go about building them and getting the image on there??

    Thanks So Much
    I Love the Blog!!

    1. Hi Nathan – Sorry, we’ve been so swamped that I had to put the blog on hold for a couple days. The boxes were actually made of wood – they were solid and VERY heavy, but we needed them to be strong enough for people to stand on. The screen material was simply spandex, and we had various “gobo-type” stencils made of wood that we could put in the boxes so that they could say various things. Afterwards, we repurposed the wood for drum risers! : )
      If you’d like any more info, just shoot me an e-mail at

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