Thanksgiving Idea

Like it or not, there’s a little bit of whiner in all of us… We focus on what’s wrong, it seems, much more than we focus on what’s right (this is especially ironic considering that we are the most well-fed, well-housed and comfortable generation that has ever existed). How do we instill a sense of gratitude into our services – and into ourselves?

An easy idea that may help is to give everyone in the congregation a list, and take some time in the service to have them start listing ALL of their blessings (maybe it happens during a special music song on gratitude or thanksgiving) – as many of their blessings as possible. Give them starters if they need it – “list all of the people who have ever been kind to you” or “list all of the places you’ve ever been able to travel,” etc… Keep throwing the various categories out there – the goal is to help each person to understand that God is CONTINUALLY pouring out blessings to us every second that we’re alive, and that our most of our troubles are incredibly trivial in comparison.

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