Spiritual Moment: Refocusing

Virtually every church has it’s “liturgy” – a structure of some sort that helps to provide a framework to what happens on a weekend. Ours usually starts with some uptempo worship songs, moves into midtempoland, ends on a power ballad, has a video here or there, and some sort of special music and/or spiritual moment leading into a message. That’s not meant to be flippant at all – it’s just a statement of fact that those are the elements that usually make up our services. Hopefully, we use them in a way (and with enough variety) that there is sincerity, freshness and intentionality about what’s happening…

In the midst of all of this, I confess that I sometimes find myself “over programming.” I try to fill every minute with things that will help people to grasp the message of the day – but maybe most of the people there that day are too full already. They need to empty out a bit… So, every once in awhile (not all the time, or that becomes it’s own rut), stop. Finish one of the songs and call out the fact that our pace of life is exhausting. As you get ready for the next (hopefully slower) song, lead everyone in taking a breath. Literally. Just stop and take a breath (stop – pause – breathe – let go). Then do a song that the congregation is familiar with, so that they don’t have to worry about learning the melody.

Give them a break – a pause, a moment – and then head into what God has in store for that day…

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