Stories: Matthew West

Stories are critical (as in absolutely necessary) – they represent one of the primary ways that Jesus chose to communicate with us, so there must be something about them! Last night, we hosted a concert with Matthew West. Good show. But what impressed me (besides some very good audience participation type stuff) was that he had asked people to send him stories (he received more than 10,000!), and then wrote his album based on those stories. His personal stories were good – but things went to a different, deeper level when he told these other stories.

You know, it’s REALLY important to know our own stories – and to tell them. But if those are the only stories that we ever tell (or really listen to), we’re pretty messed up. Too self-focused. That’s why we tell stories (via video, usually) from the congregation virtually every week. They only take 2-3 minutes, but they comes across as much more “real” – it’s not just the stories of the paid professionals, if you know what I’m saying. And not just testimonies – prayer stories, pain stories, family stories, life stories – almost anything, really. The stories really help people to know that they’re not alone in whatever they’re feeling or going through…

P.S. Please remember, though – our personal stories ARE important. They’re just not the ONLY ones that are…

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