Do Services/Series Need Titles?

The short answer, IMHO, is that they don’t NEED them, but it’s good if they have them. Our brains (as far as my limited understanding can grasp) are wired in such a way that we organize things by association. If we have a sermon title that ties the content in our minds to something memorable, it helps us to be able to recall that content. Tie a good title to a good visual, and the effect increases…

For instance, we recently did a family series called “Wii Kinect” – for those of you that are out of the video game loop, both “Wii” and “Kinect” are the names of motion-sensing video game systems that have been designed, at least partially, to increase family interaction. We parodied the phrase “We Connect,” reffering to our family relationships, and…voila! The video game idea provided a look for our graphics, and the combination of title and graphics made it stick.

It really does work. People refer to various series and messages that happened years ago by their titles – not very likely if the messages would have been named after the primary Scripture references (or with a generic title like “Family” – although even that is better than nothing).

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