Being Unique

We’re in the middle of a 5-service Christmas Eve run at Northview. We were packed out last night, and the services, a far as I could tell, really impacted people. As I was thinking today, I realized that there wasn’t a single original element in the service – ie. there’s nothing that I could look at and say “No one has ever done that before.”
And that’s OK… I really believe that the relentless drive for “originality” among us creative types is a combination of ego and insecurity. We need to prove ourselves, or separate ourselves from the crowd – I know I’ve been guilty of that in the past – and that’s really about us, not the people that we’re here to serve. The real question is: “What’s best for the congregation?” I can look at the services this year and say “They were meaningful and of excellent quality.” They gave the congregation a chance both to engage and experience, and, I hope, honored God in the process, and that’s what it’s all about! If the services were good, the originality factor is optional…

One Reply to “Being Unique”

  1. Wow you are right… If someone is constantly pursing nothing but original fresh ideas rather than searching for what is right for the congregation (which could in turn be a fresh idea) it could very much be in relation to an insecurity or issue of the ego… good stuff thank you. Convicting to hear as a worship leader.

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