I’ve been around the block – in other words, I’m getting older. There are good and bad sides to this, but one thing that I really feel is that we have a responsibility to those coming next. Experience is hard to get, and we almost never get it on our own – we only ever got good at anything because someone gave us a shot and let us try it.
Several people have been instrumental in helping me to grow as a leader and as an artist. I continue to meet people who are willing to help me grow, without any sort of compensation, or anything being “in it for them.” I’m trying to pay it forward by doing the same thing – we’re going to start hosting brown bag lunches (thanks to Nancy Beach for the idea) every few months for area worship and tech folks. We just had our first one, in fact, due to the kindness and openness – and mentoring spirit – of David Crowder, who did a free 2-hour Q & A session for 75 Indianapolis worship leaders. Good stuff!

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