Talent Is Not Enough

I am constantly and consistently amazed at the talent that God has given people. It’s incredible – go see something like Cirque du Soliel or Blue Man Group – take a walk through an art museum – listen to Bela Fleck & the Flecktones. It’s unreal… I’ve also had to opportunity to work with some incredibly talented musicians and artists in the church.

Sadly, some of the roughest situations that I have faced have been from dealing with the more talented individuals of the teams that I have led. They’ve worked really hard to become good – so hard, in fact, that sometimes they forget that their talent is a gift to be used in the service of others. Pride – entitlement – it can all creep up whenever people hear the words “Wow, you (play, sing, paint, etc…) incredibly. We need truth tellers and people to hold us accountable. I had to suspend one of the best musicians that I’ve worked with because that individual consistently showed up late and unprepared. Always ready to roll by the service, but that wasn’t the point – it was showing disdain and disrespect for the rest of the band as that person used up their time getting it together.

On the other hand, I’ve also worked with some incredibly talented people who were humble and true team players. They knew why they were there – to serve, not to fulfill their personal ambitions. They infused energy into the team, instead of draining it. I want to be like them. More on this to come in the future…

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