The Realities Of Custom Video

Video is everywhere these days – if you can have video on your phone, why wouldn’t it be available as an option in presenting the Gospel in church? Everybody – including Senior Pastors – know this. And they want video. Lots of it. Of every event at the church. All the time.

Two options are open to you (there may be more, but this is all that I can think of while simultaneously playing Bloons Tower Defense 4).

1. You can make custom video.

Making custom video takes time. Making quality custom video takes lots of time. It’s impossible to film all of the events at even relatively small churches. You have my permission to print this off and show it to your Senior Pastor. I actually consider protecting the time of my video staff as one of my key duties as Creative Arts Pastor. We focus primarily on filming congregational stories and video announcements.

2. You can buy pre-made video.

Some of this video is stunningly well done. Song backgrounds, countdowns, mini-movies, motion backgrounds, etc… – we purchase some sort of video virtually every week. The price point is FAR below what it would cost in staff hours to make it in-house. The drawbacks? It may be difficult to find the exact topic or feel that you’re looking for. It might cause you to have to deal with some church/personal pride issues – you may even have to dial down the “I’m the source of all creativity within this church, and everything creative must come from me” vibe. Sites like offer inexpensive (and often high quality) alternatives to making it yourself.

There are some in-between possibilities. Pre-created AfterEffects files can offer good quality options for the creation of announcement or sermon series “teaser” videos. Pond5 have been a good source for us, although we’re also on the lookout for new sources of material. If you know of any good sites, shoot me an e-mail at

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