Yeas And Heys

Each week, we have an evaluation meeting that we call “Yeas and Heys.” The basic premise is that Tuesday, 10 of us get together for a quick, half-hour meeting to discuss the previous weekend’s services. Each person brings brings on “Yea” (something that went well or stood out as a good thing) and one “Hey” (as in “Hey, that could have been better). Originally, it was going to be “Yeas” and Nays,” but we decided that “Nays” was too negative. By limiting it to one item each, we keep the meeting from spiraling into endless discussion, and by including positive elements, as well as negative, we celebrate our victories (actually, we would hope, God’s victories) and avoid beating ourselves up endlessly for not being perfect. On the other hand, we do talk about what needs fixing, and how to fix it. The system works for us – quick, easy, practical and to the point.

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