As “executive producer” of our new worship CD producer at Northview, I had several goals – they are as follows:
1. I wanted to make sure that we used our worship team – all of it! If it’s going to have the church name on it, it should have the church team. If it’s just the worship leader and a bunch of outside musicians, it’s an ego project (that’s basically the worship leader saying that they are the personification of worship at that church). As you may be able to tell, I feel strongly about this…
2. I wanted to make sure that it would contain worship music that the church is actually doing (or will be doing). It’s OK to have a couple of “specials” in there, but if it’s just originals by the worship leader, it gets into ego territory again. It may cost a little bit to get rights to the song, if you didn’t write it, but it’s worth it.

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