Interestingly, I’ve found that that those of us involved in church tech work are susceptible to a strong desire for “stuff.” We could do so much if only we had (blank) to make it work the way it really should (like the church we saw in the magazine). Amazingly, that desire doesn’t go away as the church grows. We are in a very large church with a very large tech budget, and I still find myself (and my team) falling into the trap of “stuff.”
Don’t get me wrong – I’ve seen too many churches who were incredibly under-resourced, yet still had expectations upon them to match the staging of Cirque du Soliel. However, I’ve also seen (and been guilty of ) the “been there, done that” school of equipment use: “Well, we already used that thing, so now it’s time to get something new.” We have a responsibility to steward well the resources that we’re given, and that includes figuring out ways to use “stuff” over and over, in a variety of ways. Now I just have to get that speech to sink into my own brain…

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