Sometimes, it’s the little things that make something special. I know that I’ve had several hotel and restaurant experiences that were made special by little personal touches. Disney is masterful at that. When we were at Epcot Center, they pulled me from the crowd as the “special guest conductor” of the polka band in the Germany pavilion. I won’t spoil the experience by giving details, but, at the end, I walked away with a baton that said “Danke Shoen from Walt Disney World!” I still have it…
We tried to make some of the “little things” special this Easter – here’s a shot of a custom bass drum head that we had created to match our back screen graphics. Maybe only 20% of the folks even noticed it, but the attention to detail goes a long way towards making something unique and memorable… It wouldn’t impact anyone spiritually, it’s not going to communicate truth, but, hopefully, it shows that we really care about what’s happening, and about making things special for the people that we worship God alongside of…

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