I have some boundaries:
1. I do not receive my work e-mail on my phone or laptop away from work;
2. I do not give my phone number to the general public (ie. I’m not overwhelmed by texts);
3. I do try to answer e-mails within a day – I do NOT try to answer e-mails within 5 minutes.
4. I do not carry my phone on my person 24 hours a day.
5. My phone is usually off at night.

I have these rules to respect my family and myself. I have not gotten fired. I have not been reprimanded. I have not been pressured to make myself more accessible. When I AM working, I try to make myself very accessible, and that works. Much of our need to be connected 24 hours a day is fear or insecurity talking…at least it was for me…

Here’s a blog post related to the topic (click here)…

And a totally unrelated photo of a great African children’s choir that we had with us a few months ago:

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