I’ve been involved in some things that I’ve been proud of. I like to remember past successes. I like to remember things that worked really well, and to try to relive the good stuff that occurred because of those successes.

However, as a creative, it’s deadly to focus on the past for too long. I admit that I’ve sometimes gotten so locked into the past that I forget that there’s a now that has to be taken care of. A now that need all of the effort, ingenuity and creativity that I can muster. A now that is where I am living – because where I WAS living is gone. The now needs everything that we can bring to the table. It’s my prayer for you (and myself) that we live in the now – constantly trying new things, constantly mashing up ideas into new forms, constantly on the lookout for new ways to get across the most important information in the universe…

Here are some additional thoughts on the topic by Rich Kirkpatrick (click here)…

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