We have a rotation concept that we use with our worship songs that is similar to what MTV used to do when they actually were a music video network. Here’s the structure:
HEAVY ROTATION – This is the core list of songs that a congregation uses on a week to week basis. We shoot for a list of abut 40, and usually only add 1 per month. We’ve found that we get bored of songs A LOT more quickly than the congregation does…
MEDIUM ROTATION – These tend to be songs that we’re in the process of fading out, although I would also place hymn arrangements in this category for us (and we’re not fading those out).
LIGHT ROTATION – These are “classic” songs (although “classic” could mean 3 years ago) that we bring back because they have become heart songs of our congregation.

As worship leaders, we are relentless about the worship and the leading part – it’s really, really, really easy to make the music part the core, but (as much as I love music – and I do) that’s just the tool that we use to worship God.

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