Sometimes, you just have to have three drum sets….

Every once in awhile, we have what’s called a “friend” weekend. These services are designed to be friendly to people who have never been in a church environment before – it’s a chance for our folks to invite their unchurched friends, family and neighbors. We don’t water down the message in any way, but we do include elements that generate “buzz” (people saying: “You should come see this!”). It might be as simple as a secular song that ties in with the topic, or a full-blown major production piece (click here for an example from a Mother’s Day service a couple of years ago).
A week or so ago, we did a service on the importance of “play.” Our area is full of hyper-driven, Type A, overachiever types who never take a break. Since it was the first week of an eight week series, we thought we’d combine the friend week idea with the play idea. What came out was a service that included a triple drum solo, thousands of glowsticks and the mascot of the Indianapolis Colts (who goes to our church, although not usually in costume). It also included a great time of worship and some straight-up teaching. You know, it is OK to have fun every once in awhile!  :  )

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