We will do secular music in our services. That’s been the case everywhere I have served (although it’s not that many places, and they’ve all been on the “big” side). Every so often, though, I go through a period of self-questioning on this. The question, of course, is “why?”
If it’s purely to be cool, I don’t think that’s reason enough to use the song. I do agree that using secular songs is a good “front door” for unchurched people. However, we have a limited amount of time in our services, and I’m not interested in wasting a moment of it, if the moment can be used to help bring people closer to God. That doesn’t mean that every moment has to be serious, or that every song has to be dripping with deep theological meaning. It just means that the song is there to help move people from where they are towards where they could be.

“Things are sacred or secular based on their use in the light of God’s design.” – Rick Muchow

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