Reminder Of The Week: Creative Teams

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Reminder Of The Week:
DON’T build a creative planning team of people that think just like you – the whole “I want to hang with people that I feel comfortable ‘doing life’ with” attitude is self-centered. It’s a pretty sure bet that there’s a good amount of diversity (at least in personality types) in your congregation – there should be on your team, as well. Core values needs to be shared, but God hasn’t created each person uniquely for no reason…
Sorry for the negative vibe, let me change it – DO build a diverse team, and challenge each other to grow and excel for the sake of the people that God has entrusted you to serve.

Here’s some other good stuff to do! (click here)

BTW, this isn’t our actual planning team. Our team is actually much more diverse (especially age-wise). It’s a college-age life group. However, it was the only picture that I could quickly find on my desktop that represented a group meeting, so it’s pinch hitting for a real picture of our creative team.  :  )

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