Balance is (usually) something good to have. As the Good Book says, there is a time and a season for all things – so how do we strike a good balance in worship planning?

STYLE: Every worship leader has their “sweet spot” – the genre of music that they feel most comfortable in. It’s only natural that they would gravitate towards that style when they are in the process of planning worship services.However, choosing a song for a service simply because you sound good singing it is NOT a good example of worship planning. We serve an infinitely creative God that has created an incredible diversity of people, and it’s extremely unlikely that your favorite style of music will reach them all. We can’t be all things to all people, but neither should we only serve ourselves.

Try different styles. Have someone else lead. Use unusual instrumentation. If you normally have a small team up on a weekend, try a big team (or vice versa). Speaking of teams, having a team to help you plan will help to keep it from being the “you” show. Sometimes there does need to be a single guiding influence to give the service cohesion. But not all the time…


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