I HATE waiting. I mean really hate it. I am action-oriented (or maybe that it’s just that I have control issues), so I almost would rather hear bad news (and be able to start reacting to it) than have to wait for news. But sometimes, it takes time to make good things happen, and sometimes you need to say enough is enough.

We painted our stage and platforms white for Christmas, and the plan was to change it back as soon as possible to make sure that Christmas Eve remained a special service. However, everyone needed a break. Some downtime after an extremely busy season of ministry. So we made it work. Changed up the look a little, took down the Christmas tress, but kept the risers and stage color for a few more weeks and adjusted. You know what? It worked. Everyone is better rested (by at least a bit) and we can head into our next season of ministry with revitalization. Now we move ahead…gradually…

_DSC3092 1-L

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