More Important Things To Do

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… Long story short, I have a lot of workaholic tendencies, and one day a few weeks ago my body just said enough. I collapsed, and ended up in the hospital for several days. When I was there, they found some nodules on my lungs – looks like a comparatively manageable disease that my mom had, but the C word was being tossed around (and it would be stage 4 cancer). Still not 100% that’s not the case, but no symptoms, and all of the symptoms of the other. Stuff like that makes you focus on the important stuff. Like my family. And their desire for me to get healthy and to get my work-life balance under control.
This blog is not one of those things that’s really important. I like to write (or – more accurately – I like having written). I like being able to share ideas. I’m a former teacher, as was my mom, so the desire to help others grow is hard-wired in me. But it may be awhile between posts for a bit – I have more important things to do…

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