We’re Not The Only Ones

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I’m an evangelist. By that I mean that my passion in the church is reaching out to people who don’t know God yet. It is my driving passion. It is the Great Commission. However, it is not the only purpose of the church – there’s also the second half of the Great Commandment which tells us to love others. Our duty includes caring for those in need. I am laser focused on our weekend services, but I acknowledge the need for our leaders who make our Compassion Ministries happen. Recently, we collected backpacks for kids in the inner city of Indy. It was an incredible thing to see how many people pitched in to help those kids. It took caring people to organize and make it happen. People with THAT as their passion. That’s a reminder to myself – those of us who serve in weekend worship services are important – but we’re not the only ones…


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