People experience life – and learn – in three primary ways: by seeing, by hearing and by doing/experiencing. Part of the incredible power of baptism services is that we get to actually see evidence of the transformation of someones life. We did our best to build a process to help people to really understand and be impacted by the act baptism – God takes things from there and does the heavy lifting.

Here’s what happens:

1.There’s a class a week or so ahead of time so that people know what they’re saying “YES!” to;

2. Before the service, the candidates all gather and are walked through it again;

3. They enter as a group while people clap in encouragement [old school, but powerful];

4. Worship starts – one by one, they walk forward and pin their sins to the cross, walk to the tank and are baptized.

5. We give “BAPTIZED” t-shirts to them as a reminder – many wear them right away and are congratulated by the congregation.


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