One of the realities of Weekend Services ministry (worship, production, video, etc…) is that it’s going to cost money. Probably more than other ministry areas. That’s OK – different things cost different amounts – you will be extremely likely to pay more for month for your home mortgage than your car payment. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need or value your car – just that homes cost more.

Similarly, the gear that it takes for weekend services isn’t super cheap – although, you can try to be as cost effective as possible (the light boxes below were created using the diffusers for ceiling-mounted fluorescent lighting – a comparatively inexpensive stage set). In my opinion, the best way to handle it is to set a yearly budget that allows for repairs and minor purchases, and to put a certain percentage of the capital budget each year aside for AVL. It’s much less stressful for everyone involved when inevitable gear breakdowns don’t prompt emergency trustee/deacon/etc… meetings…

Build a realistic AVL budget

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