Some quick thoughts on connecting after the service… Many times, there will be someone who wants to connect with the preaching pastor after the service [that can also be true of the worship pastor]. A quick rabbit trail – I would have whoever did your welcome and/or announcements out at your info booth, if possible. It gives first timers a face that they have seen before to connect with.

In most cases, it’ll be the preacher people want to talk to. I would suggest that you have a room or space in the atrium area to do that in, for several different reasons:

  • You don’t have people going against the flow and causing jam ups as the congregation is heading out;
  • The worship and production teams and ushers are able to prepare for the next service, and the room can get a quick cleanup, if necessary;
  • You don’t need to hold the volume down [thereby lowering the walkout energy] for quiet conversations;
  • If it’s something serious, you can more easily relocate to offices or another part of the church.

There needs to be backup available for whoever is preaching if it is a serious personal issue or in-depth theological discussion. The preacher needs to preach the next service, but there are some things that can’t wait until Monday. Figure out in advance who will be the person who takes over if the preacher needs to leave a discussion mid-stream. #creativeworshipideas

Connecting after the service.

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