A worship pastor/leader has two jobs:

1. To Worship God

2. To Lead People

The jobs need to be fulfilled in that order – however, the leading of the people can’t be ignored. It’s not enough for a worship pastor to enter a time of personal worship, and ask the congregation to “come along.” Think of it this way – we are doing two things in church worship sets: directly worshiping God, and serving God and His people. That we should worship only God is obvious [or should be]. The service part is two-fold: we serve God by caring for and leading His people in worship, and we serve the people by caring for and leading them. It sounds like the same thing, and it is, for the most part. The thing that’s unique about the serving people part is that they are times when – rather than directly worshiping God – we encourage each other and remind each other about how great God is. That’s OK – in fact, it’s needed – otherwise, we could each simply worship God privately. Being there to support and encourage each other strengthens us all.

Worshipping together strengthens us all.

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