A number of years ago we did a series called “Free.” Every person I know struggles with something that keeps them from the freedom that Christ offers [at least part of the time]. If I look inwardly, I can see it’s a lack of trust – I want to be in control because the only person I truly trust is me – and that’s not even always the case. Of course, if I think rationally, I realize that trying to control the world is an impossible task – and, even if I did, the results probably wouldn’t be too good. The only hope – the ONLY hope – is a release to God.

I want to be in control. He IS in control. I think I have a good plan. He DOES have a good plan – in most cases, far better than I can imagine. So – encourage yourself and encourage each other – give it over to God. All you can do is your best. Do that, and let God take things from there. It’s the first step on the path to free…

Turn It Over To God And Be Free

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