For any team to be successful, they need to know who they are. In other words, someone needs to define what the “win” is for that team – ie how they can judge if they are being successful. It is the job of the team leader to be able to articulate that win.


The live production website for Gateway Church is Dallas has the following descriptor:


“Through every sound transmitted, every light shone, each image displayed, Live Production seeks to steward the atmosphere for the presence of GOD.  Live Production prepares for an event through prayer, unity, relationship, community and collaboration. Seeking the Kingdom first leads to a fruitful expression of GOD through audio, video and lighting.”


They then go on to further define the audio portion of production:

“With access to some of the world’s best audio equipment, Gateway Audio makes sure that sound is polished and projected to reach as many ears as possible. They make sure that worship and the word is heard and understood in a clear and precise manner.”


They then go on to define video and lighting in a similar manner. Looking at the audio descriptor, the final sentence is the key. It gives a clear definition of the goal. Once the definition has been nailed down, it’s the team leaders job to articulate it – over and over and over, in as many ways as possible, until it becomes the driver of that team’s culture.


Clearly Define The Win For Your Teams



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