One of the [tragic] realities of our current day is that many, many of the people in our culture have no understanding of the basics of God’s story – who He is, why He created us, what our relationship with Him should be… There’s no biblical basis to build on, so we need to start at the beginning – explaining things from the ground up.

Rick Muchow said it well using the term seeker-sensitive to refer to those open to God-centered discussions:

“The seeker-sensitive service is simply a user-friendly event based on the language used to connect those people to God in a way they can understand. A seeker-sensitive service can be any kind of worship gathering. It’s not about less power or depth or compromising the Gospel; it’s about who can understand. I think of seeker-sensitive services as having people over to my house for the first time…”

Don’t Use Insider Language

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