Pastors, protect your tech people. Many pastors and other church staff members [and even volunteers] unwittingly make life very difficult for sound people and other production team members. This is understandable, to an extent, and is almost always unintentional – the reason it usually happens is that few pastors, staff or volunteers have a good handle on what it takes to make services happen from the tech side.

Here’s one quick idea of how to support your production team members. They need to have one boss – especially during worship services. The worship pastor shouldn’t be telling the soundperson to turn up the guitar when the senior pastor told them to turn it down two minutes before. All of the worship team vocalists shouldn’t be calling from the platform during rehearsal for monitor changes – at the same time. And the soundbooth needs to be offlimits to congregational member who have mid-service “suggestions.” It’s impossible for the techies to set a volume level, soundmix or lighting level that pleases everyone 100%.

There needs to be a clear and agreed upon list of priorities. Work with your techies ahead of time to identify a strategy. Worship leaders, if you’re the boss of the production people [including volunteers], and you don’t have a clue, get one. It’s any bosses’ responsibility to have enough of an understanding of the realities and challenges of their team member’s jobs that he or she can help them to succeed. Most of all, give them time enough to do their jobs – including a FULL runthrough on the weekends. That’s their rehearsal – musicians rehearse music, techies rehearse transitions. When these things click, EVERYBODY wins!   :  )

Protect Your Techies

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