OK, Christian worship songwriters, you need to get busy. Write some fast songs. We need more fast songs. I know, I know – everyone wants the power ballads, the songs that build and build. The super-expressive songs. The problem is, they only express part of what we need to express… It seems sometimes like we only have two options now: to express deep, heartfelt pain/need or deep, heartfelt thankfulness.

It may be that part of the reason that our world is seemingly becoming a joyless place is that we never openly express joy. We express pain and longing in our songs, and anger online. But there are a whole lot of things to be joyful about. Those uptempo songs give us a good way to express that joy. Uptempo songs are also great for expressing encouragement. Expressing enthusiasm. Expressing determination. Etc…

So get busy – write some great uptempo worship songs. Or at least look hard for them – I think you’ll find that they’re out there…

Services Need Uptempo Songs

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