I’m back… In all seriousness, I took the last week and a half off from posting because I was busy [and you were busy]. But not busy doing services, as I normally would be doing. I was busy travelling and spending Christmas with my family.

You see, this is the first Christmas that I have had off in over 30 years. I will likely not have another Christmas off until I retire [if then]. However, I don’t resent that at all. It’s my calling. My mission. What I was created for. Why would I resent fulfilling the role that God designed me to fulfill?

For Christmas Eve services to happen, someone must prepare them. Musicians must learn and play music. Pastors must preach. Children’s workers must present the Gospel to kids in a way that they will understand. Etc… It’s the same as anything else. For the hungry to be fed, someone must feed them. For people to be healed, someone must heal them. For people to have shelters, someone must build them.

That is our work. Work is not an unreasonable ask made upon us. It’s our joy – as I said above, it’s what we were created for. Don’t treat it like it’s too much to bear. Leave the drama in 2019. As a matter of fact, toning down our theatrical victimhood as a society in general would be a good New Year’s resolution for 2020. If you sit down and make a list, I think that you’ll find that there are a lot of incredible, wonderful things – including our work – to be joyful for.  #creativeworshipideas

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