OK, today begins my “12 Days Of Weekend Service New Year’s Resolutions!” I took off some time from posting over Christmas, but I’m back in force, lol.

Today’s resolution is to MEMORIZE! I am a firm believer that a lack of music stands on the church platform is a good thing. Yes, it looks cleaner and less cluttered. However, that’s not the main reason. The fact is that you really don’t know a song until you’ve internalized it. It easy – especially for trained musicians – to put in just enough effort to do a passable job, perhaps even to the point that the average person would not know the difference. But a passable job is not what God asks of us…

To get there, build the memorization process into your practice. I suggest that you chart out the structure of the song – for example, “intro verse chorus verse chorus chorus bridge chorus” – so that you have somewhere to start. Once you have that in place, work on memorizing the key signature and the chord progression, eventually building until you have the whole song. Notice that this is a process. That means that you will have to practice more than once. Set aside some time daily, even if it’s just a few minutes – the repetition is much more effective than trying to jam it all in your brain in one marathon sitting. A bit each day will help it to stick.

Memorize for excellence

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