Day 5 of “12 Days Of Weekend Service New Year’s Resolutions!” Today’s resolution is “Be On Time [or Early].” As a leader, few things irritate me more than team members who are consistently late. Everyone has emergencies, but perpetual lateness is a lifestyle choice that you make, not something that happens to you. If a member of any given team is late on an ongoing basis, what they are say to the other members of the team, in effect, is “It’s OK for me to waste your time, because my time is more important than yours.” It’s not just laziness and/or a dependability issue – it’s an ego issue.

As a team leader, it’s up to you to model being on time – your team will follow your example, and if you are not ready to go when a rehearsal or other event is supposed to begin, you are sending the absolutely clear message that it’s no big deal and the event is really not that important. Time is actually one of everyone’s most valuable resources, so make sure that honoring it is one of the distinctives of your team.

Being on time honors the team.

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