ALL church staff members are servants by definition. No matter the role, we exist only to help others – including pointing them towards the Source of all help. When we forget, and are sidetracked – by ego, laziness, fear, apathy, etc… – we lose who we are and are self-deflected from our true purpose. Pause – right now – and ask God to course-correct your direction, your relationships and your use of time. And then be encouraged. You are loved by the Creator of the Universe.

“The great paradox of life is that those who lose their lives will gain them. This paradox becomes visible in very ordinary situations. If we cling to our friends, we may lose them, but when we are non-possessive in our relationships, we will make many friends. When fame is what we seek and desire, it often vanishes as soon as we acquire it, but when we have no need to be known, we might be remembered long after our deaths. When we want to be in the center, we easily end up on the margins, but when we are free enough to be wherever we must be, we find ourselves often in the center. Giving away our lives for others is the greatest of all human arts. This will gain us our lives.” – Henry Nouwen  

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