This Is What It Will Take

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Production team – don’t jump to the “no!” Many of you production team members are very good at what you do because your thinking process resembles a flowchart. You look at what it would take to make something happen, logically and practically, with an emphasis on absolutes – real $, real schedules and real available resources [including people]. This is a highly needed skillset in the local church – especially for churches who have a lot of things going on simultaneously.

However, the “this is what it will take” conversation needs to happen AFTER or at the end of the brainstorming session, not at the beginning…

It’s easy to get to “negativity thinking.” Once you allow your mind to instantly shift into listing the problems with an idea, you eliminate the ability to objectively look at its value. Rather than saying “this is why it can’t happen,” a better discussion is  the one listed above -“this is what it will take to make it happen,” and even that only after the positives of the idea have been thoroughly discussed.

Believe me, I know that people [including many church senior staffers] often have unrealistic views of what you should be able to do. I’ve lived in that world and have had people expect six-figure results with two- or three-figure budgets, lol. However, giving some time to let an idea germinate can oftentimes open up pathways to make some of these big dreams come alive.

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