I love worship – I’m a musician by background, but the music part is not what I mean, even though I usually love it. I am also an ordained pastor, but I’m not talking about the educational benefits of songs with excellent theological underpinning. I love the fact that we worship together – simply because God deserves it. He’s God, we are not, and those moments remind us of that reality. Our entire world culture is based on the seeking of self-centered pleasure/comfort, and those moments break us out of that, if we are sincere in our worship. 

Worshipping God together also break us out of our subgroups. We’re not just spouting our opinions on social media to people who already think just like us – we’re acknowledging that we DON’T have all the answers, and that God does – oftentimes standing right next to someone that we would never voluntarily socialize with. 

A great quote from Maggi Smith: “When we gather for worship, something utterly unique occurs. It’s not just about you and your conditions for fulfillment. It’s about coming together with people who may not be of like mind with you, who are not just like you and with whom you might feel deeply uncomfortable. Where else in life is such a requirement made of us?”

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