There’s something that you’re putting off… Something that you should be doing or should have already done [or perhaps something you need to stop doing]. It may be a hard conversation with a team member that you’re putting off because it will be awkward or uncomfortable. It may be a new ministry structure that you’re putting off designing because it will be complex and it seems daunting and overwhelming. It may be the new song that you have to learn for rehearsal tomorrow that you’re putting off because – straight up – you’re just being lazy…

Waiting will rarely make it easier. I’m not saying don’t prepare, but – when you’ve prepared reasonably – take action. Don’t wait until you’re perfectly prepared, because that will never happen. I’m not saying don’t think it through, but – when you have – take action. You will never have 100% advance knowledge about anything, so find out what you can, and then move things forward.

“Teddy Roosevelt thought procrastination was a mortal sin. If he were given a speech to write, he would start working on it right away. Sometimes, if I start to put things off, I think of Teddy Roosevelt.” – D. K. Goodwin

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