Do you ever “lead upwards” in a positive way? Does your boss ever hear something from you besides:

1. A report about what’s going on;

2. Input or feedback on a project;

3. An excuse or complaint?

Leadership is tough. I’ve been on both sides of it [the leader and the follower] and it’s kind of like the Supreme Court – virtually all of the problems many bosses hear are complex, since most easier issues are solved long before they make it that far. Bosses [like production staff] also get very little affirmation or positive feedback from their staff teams [except, perhaps, at budget time, lol]…

Remember, as Christians, we are commanded to show love. Including to our bosses, and not just when we want something. Do or say something nice. Words of affirmation are my “love language,” but for others it might be asking about family members [or leaving a favorite candy bar on his or her desk]. Say thanks. Give specifics about something they did that impacted you in a positive way. Treat them, every once in a while, like what they are – human…  

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