A quick one for church startups and other newbies. The most useful and versatile item that I have found for church staging over the years is aluminum truss. It’s not what I would call inexpensive, but its usefulness makes it a must-have item. Here’s why:

1. It can be hung [vertically, horizontally or at an angle];

2. It can be wrapped with fabric [and potentially lit from within];

3. It can be purchased in black [as well as the standard silver] to help it to blend into more traditional environments and applications;

4. It can be purchased in curved form [or “S” shapes or other varients];

5. It can hold lighting, audio gear – even some projectors;

6. It can provide a framework for staging;

7. It can BE staging;

8. It can provide a framework for banners or soft goods;

9. Etc, etc, etc…

Freestanding sticks of truss create an easy stage look for portable churches. They are also comparatively easy to store, set up/tear down, etc..

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