Your church creates an environment every week. It may be the same environment, or you may switch things up. I would suggest that varying the look and feel [and even the running order] of your services can be a very good thing. In an age where things seem out of control all around us, it can be comforting to seek things that never change. However, the purpose of church is not comfort. It’s worship, challenge, service, growth, etc… It should be a dynamic atmosphere – not a static one. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying change the message. God’s truth is eternal – we see the sad results of those so in love with change [and themselves] that they rewrite the Bible in their own image. I’m talking about telling the old, old story in fresh ways. Using some of the creativity within us to catch and hold people’s attention in a media-saturated world. Part of that creativity can be cut loose to create environments. These are visual representations that support the theme of whatever is being discussed. The look may be literal, it may be metaphorical. Churches regularly do that at Christmas, when seasonal décor goes up. Even the most traditional churches will change the color of their vestments and altar linens in accordance with the church calendar. Contemporary churches have a wider palate to draw from, limited only by time, expense and creativity. While we are not shooting for entertainment, we are definitely shooting for engagement. To get there, try adding visual elements to the aural elements [spoken word/music] that you already have.

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