Today and tomorrow, worship services will happen. And some people will get upset. They’ll be mad because the services aren’t in the style that they would choose [usually a style from years gone by]. You know what? That’s OK.

Don’t cave in and live in the past, but move forward with kindness and gentleness. Most of the dissatisfied people aren’t jerks, they’re just people who had a profound spiritual experience at some point, and “imprinted” there. They started equating what the church was like at that time [that pastor, that worship style, the look and feel of the building, etc…] with what is “good.”

That’s a normal thing that humans do – in many areas of our lives. I grew up in Wisconsin and would often attend Milwaukee Brewers games. We would go to every opening day [even in a sleet storm, one year]. The Brewers played at County Stadium, which was built back in the 1950’s. The stadium was woefully outdated, and was torn down after being replaced by Miller Park. The new stadium was better in every way, hands down. But I still missed the old one.

I had built memories there…

I understood the need for the new stadium. I enjoyed the upgrades. And I had to admit that – were I in charge of the club – I would have torn down County Stadium. But, as I said, I still missed it… Church is like that, too. When you hear those complaints and comments, realize that they are really not aimed at you. It’s simply people who miss what went before…  

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