Ushers are the unsung heroes of church services. They function as combination greeters/problem solvers, focused 100% on being helpful. At least that’s the ideal…

I was off one weekend, and was able to attend the grand opening of a new church building as a guest. The church was large and well-known, and the new building was beautiful. As my family and I entered the auditorium, ushers were guiding people towards open seating. I was a church music director at the time, and wanted to sit near the band, who were set up on one side of the stage.

We started moving in that direction, and a frowning user placed himself in our path. “No,” he said, “Sit there.” I briefly explained why we wanted to sit closer to the band. The usher interrupted, quickly and forcefully: “NO! You WILL sit in THIS row!” He was on a mission, and was going to fulfill it – no matter what. Unfortunately, making us sit in that row was not his mission – representing the church well to guests was…

The problem? A lack of clarity. He might have been a great guy in “real life,” the seats might have been reserved, etc… However, he was unclear on the main purpose of his role, which was definitely not simply getting posteriors into certain chairs. Tomorrow, I’ll give some specific examples of how to help ushers succeed by clarifying “the win.”

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