Admit it. Many of you are in the midst of Christmas planning, even though you should be a fair ways into the process by now. I don’t want to empower dysfunction [wink wink], but I do want to help out, so each day this week I’ll post some Christmas looks and or ideas that might spark some creative juices in you and/or your teams.

Let’s start outside of the auditorium… One of the best things that you can do is set up a place in your lobby with beautiful Christmas décor for congregational members to take family Christmas photos. If the display is nice enough, it will become the “family Christmas photo” for that year – posted to all social media, perhaps as a profile picture. This will often cause friends to comment on how nice the picture is and ask where it was taken, setting up an easy, low-pressure opportunity for an invitation to services.

P.S. After the year shown in the photo, we shifted and expanded the décor so that photos could be taken on all four sides at the same time, shortening wait time. Set up at the beginning of December for best results!   :  )   

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