Backstage and storage areas at churches are like many of our basements and/or garages – full of stuff. So much stuff that many times we don’t even remember what is there… My wife and I have joked in the past that we have moved several times and that some items have never left their boxes. The sad part is, it’s not a joke – it’s actually true. We don’t want to throw away, give away or sell any of the stuff, because we’re convinced that the day will come when we’re going to need or want it again…

In virtually every case, we won’t. The same is true at church. In my experience, VERY few churches feel that they have enough storage space. However, many of those same churches stuff what little space they have full of “important” or “valuable” items, and then forget about them. Sometimes staff members move on taking the “organizational memory” of what is stored and why it’s there, leaving no one with any idea of what’s even taking up all that space… 

Combatting the hoarder mentality isn’t easy, but the payoffs are worth it. Marking and tracking items takes some work, but has the potential to save a bit [or more] of money and a LOT of time in the long run. The attached photo was taken during a recent walkthrough of the backstage area of iTown church in the Indy suburbs. Things are organized in a way where it’s easy to tell what’s what. I’ve even seen versions where items are barcoded, and scanned in and out when entering or leaving storage. Work on the front end means MUCH less work later on…

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