You made it. You got through Christmas. You helped create incredible experiences. You created art. You know, it’s easy as an artsy person to be subtle. To focus on nuance. On the little details. So subtle, in fact, that the point is sometimes lost for the majority of people…

That’s not OK. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pointing a finger – I’ve gone down that road myself. I’ve focused so much on the details that I’ve forgotten the point. If we serve in church, our job is not making insider art for other artists. It’s pointing people towards Jesus Christ. I pray for that focus – in both the art I create and for the life I live.

“Passion and authenticity are important but, as leaders, we are guiding people on a journey that should take them somewhere. It takes effort to simply and effectively communicate the complexities of the Bible so that lives are ultimately and irrevocably changed by that truth.” – Ed Young #creativeworshipideas

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