A super-quick shoutout to the unsung heroes of weekend services: Video Editors and Video Producers. Taking the second first, Video Producers serve the incredibly important role of translating the live service to the online congregations (a must during COVID), as well as upping engagement in the services themselves via side-screen iMag.

We take video content for granted in the modern church, but it really is an incredible tool. It would take you a half-hour to describe all of the things that you can show in a one-minute video clip. Video Editors make that possible. I’ve done some editing work myself back in the day, and I know how much work goes into even a minute of high-quality video content. You are the modern-day story-tellers. 

Well done, Producers and Editors. The church is a better place because of you.

“Videos are like an iceberg – a LOT of work is unseen.” – Bob Gustofsen

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